Sharing food brings people together

Chef Patti

Hi my name is Patti and I love food, cooking, serving, creating, learning and people. My years of experience has given me opportunities to cater many different types of parties and events and my favorite has been owning and operating Pea Shoots Café a Mobile Kitchen operation for large events  fairs, weddings, golf tournaments, and varied groups of 250. 

My love of food was developed by my mom helping her feed a family of five kids was a big job while she worked out side the home. That hard work has brought me to private retreats where I cook with my team to help our clients feel comfortable and  nourished while away from home. That is the wonderful thing about food it brings people together for family, celebration, healing, and fun!  Private parties are fun and preparing food for the celebration is rewarding and I enjoy interacting with guest as they ask questions about the food while eating small plates or having a good time at the buffet. A challenge is always welcomed for learning new food trends and innovated ways of working in the kitchen to insure  good fresh food.


My license plate says .......... YUMMY01

and I'm always doing my best to live up to that!

Good  fresh food and people who care about


Retreat Chef