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Services for groups or private

We cater private retreats at home or away, small intimate gatherings, personalized parties. Please contact me Chef Patti if you are in need of hiring a Personal Chef. I also offer in home cooking classes one on one or group teaching on prepping for meals, food and allergies, nutrition for weight loss, pantry organizing, and healthy food planning. 

Dinner Party

The Making of an Amazing Menu

Patti owner and chef specializes in Vegetarian, Vegan, Asian, Middle Eastern, Southwest, and American. The menus are creatively designed to help assist the client in working with their budget but not comprising taste! Success for a Chef is dependent upon fresh ingredients to insure delicious clean food working with clients  so they get want they are looking for. I'm also available to  guide them with ideas and cost. As consumers we are so fortunate to have access to wonderful fresh herbs, spices, vegetables, pastas, meats, poultry, fish and so much more. Cookie cutter menus are not for everyone for that reason talking with the client as to  what they need is essential for a good menu and cost. Please contact me for ideas on your menu either for a retreat or private venue there are so many choices.

Beautiful Food


Bright spring salads

Cooling summer salads

seasonal veggie salads